Groove2Groove: One-shot style transfer for music accompaniments
By O. Cífka, U. Şimşekli, G. Richard

Groove2Groove (Grv2Grv) is an AI system for music accompaniment style transfer. Given two MIDI files – a content input and a style input – it generates a new accompaniment for the first file in the style of the second one. For example, we can use it to transfer the style of Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside onto Lithium by Nirvana, as in the following video.

More examples can be explored in the interactive demo.

The paper

(Cífka et al., 2020): Cífka, O., Şimşekli, U., & Richard, G. (2020). Groove2Groove: One-Shot Music Style Transfer with Supervision from Synthetic Data. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 28, 2638–2650.