UE-HRI: a dataset for the study of user engagement in spontaneous Human-Robot Interactions
By A. Ben-Youssef, C. Clavel, S. Essid

The UE-HRI dataset consists of recordings of humans interacting with social robot Pepper. It targets the diverse social signals that are involved in user engagement, considering a wide range of heterogeneous sensors: a microphone array, cameras, depth sensors, sonars, lasers, along with user feedback captured through Pepper’s touch screen.

All data streams available on Pepper are packaged in the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS) framework. Each stream is passed into a message (called ROS topic) and packaged together into a ROSbag file. All streams are indexed using the robot timestamps to avoid synchronisation issues.


Pepper robot


Pepper humanoid robot: 3D visualisation of sensors’ positions (sonars, laser, front, bottom and depth cameras) using rviz


These data are available to download for research purpose only (not to disseminate):

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If you use this dataset, please cite:

(Ben Youssef et al., 2019): Ben Youssef, A., Varni, G., Essid, S., & Clavel, C. (2019). On-the-fly Detection of User Engagement Decrease in Spontaneous Human-Robot Interaction. International Journal of Social Robotics. https://hal.telecom-paris.fr/hal-02288044

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