SCISSDB: SCore Informed Source Separation DataBase
By R. Hennequin

Download : here

To our knowledge, no publicly available database exists which provides real-recorded mixtures of musical signals, real-recorded separated source signals and the corresponding aligned MIDI files. We thus designed an home-made database aiming at realistically rendering important characteristics of real musical streams, as the possibly important overlap of the sources in the time-frequency domain, while providing separated tracks.

For each piece, the tracks are summed to obtain the whole mix. The database is obtained from 12 MIDI files of royalty-free string quartets of Bach, Beethoven and Boccherini. These MIDI files are processed to synthesize wave files with 2 different methods. The first technique relies on isolated sounds recorded from real musical instruments with three levels of velocity. Their onset is synchronized with the Note On message and the sounds are then faded out at Note Off. The instrument list includes violin, viola and cello. This first technique will be referred to as “M1”. The second technique is based on the TiMidity1 software fed with a common soundfont set (Crisis General Midi 3.02). The latter technique will be referred to as “M2”. M2 includes a reverberation effect present in the soundfont whereas M1 does not.