3DLife multimodal dance performance dataset
By S. Essid

The dataset consists of multimodal recordings of Salsa dancers, captured with different pieces of equipment.

15 dancers, each performing 2 to 5 fixed choreographies, have been captured at Telecom Paris’ recording studio. The data includes:

  • Synchronised 16-channel audio capture of dancers’ step sounds, voice and music;

  • Synchronised 5-camera video capture of the dancers from multiple viewpoints covering whole body, plus 4 non-synchronised additional video captures: one mini DV camera (with audio) shooting the dancers’ feet, a second mini DV camera (with audio) shooting the torso; one Kinect camera covering the whole body from the front, and a second covering the upper-body from the side (see below for more details);

  • Inertial (accelerometer + gyroscope + magnometer) sensor data captured from multiple sensors on the dancer’s body;

  • Depth maps for dancers’ performances captured using a Microsoft Kinect;

  • Original music excerpts;

  • Different types of ground-truth annotations, for instance annotations of the choreographies with reference steps time codes relative to the music and ratings of the dancers’ performances (by the Salsa teacher).

The dataset was initially created for the 3DLife/Huawei ACM MM Grand Challenge 2011/2012.

Follow this link to learn more about this dataset and how to download it.