Romeo-HRTF: a Multi-microphone Head Related Transfer Function Database
By M. Maazaoui

We propose Romeo-HRTF, a Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) database. We extend the usual concept of binaural HRTF to the context of the audition of a humanoid robot where the robot head is equipped with an array of microphones. A first version of the HRTF database is proposed, that is based upon a dummy that simulates the robot; we call it Theo. A second version of the database is based upon the head and torso of the prototype robot Romeo. We also propose the corresponding Head Related Impulse Responses (HRIR). The heads of Theo and Romeo are equipped with 16 microphones. The databases are recorded for 72 azimuth angles and 7 elevation angles. The typical use of this database is for the development of algorithms for robot audition.

The database related to the dummy Theo is available for downloading. We propose the HRTF at 16 kHz and 48 kHz and the corresponding HRIR. Detailed informations about the structure of the database are available in the readme file.


  • Mounira Maazaoui and Yves Grenier, Romeo-HRTF: A Multimicrophone Head Related Transfer Function Database, March 2011 [pdf]
  • Mounira Maazaoui, Karim Abed-Meraim and Yves GrenierBlind source separation for robot audition using fixed HRTF beamforming [pdf]


License: OBDL

Contact: yves (dot) grenier (at) telecom-paris (dot) fr