MAPS Database: a Piano database for multipitch estimation and automatic transcription of music
By V. Emiya, B. David

MAPS, standing for MIDI Aligned Piano Sounds, is a piano sound database dedicated to research on multi-F0 estimation and automatic transcription:

  • MAPS is composed of about 31 GB of CD-quality recordings in .wav format.
  • High quality audio is obtained by means of Virtual Piano softwares and a Yamaha Disklavier.
  • Nine settings of different pianos and recording conditions were used.
  • Four categories of sounds are provided:
    • isolated notes and monophonic sounds
    • random chords
    • usual chords
    • pieces of music
  • The ground truth is provided for all sounds, in MIDI and text formats. The audio was generated from the ground truth in order to ensure the accuracy of the annotation.
  • MAPS is freely released with a Creative Commons license.

License: Creative Commons (

Author: Valentin Emiya (Telecom ParisTech, 2008)

Download: download MAPS

Contacts: Valentin Emiya ( and Bertrand David (


  • Multipitch estimation of piano sounds using a new probabilistic spectral smoothness principle, V. Emiya, R. Badeau, B. David, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 2010.
  • Transcription automatique de la musique de piano, V. Emiya, PhD Thesis, Telecom ParisTech, 2008.