DESAM Toolbox: Spectral analysis of musical audio
By M. Lagrange

The DESAM Toolbox, which draws its name from the collaborative project Décomposition en Eléments Sonores et Applications Musicales funded by the French ANR, is a set of Matlab functions dedicated to the estimation of widely used spectral models from, potentially musical, audio signals. Although those models can be used in Music Information Retrieval (MIR) tasks, the core functions of the toolbox do not focus on any application. It is rather aimed at providing a range of state-of-the-art signal processing tools that decompose music files according to different signal models, giving rise to different “mid-level” representations.

This toolbox is therefore aimed at the researchers community interested in the modeling of musical audio signals.

The Matlab code is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL) and anyone willing to add new methods and/or improve the existing ones is encouraged to contact the maintainer of the toolbox (Mathieu Lagrange).


Contact: roland (dot) badeau (at) telecom-paristech (dot) fr

Package maintainer: mathieu (dot) lagrange (at) ircam (dot) fr


The DESAM Toolbox: spectral analysis of musical audio, Mathieu Lagrange, Roland Badeau, Bertrand David, Nancy Bertin, José Echeveste, Olivier Derrien, Sylvain Marchand, and Laurent Daudet, 13th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects DAFx-10, Graz, Austria, September 6-10, 2010, submitted for publication