smarc: smart audio rate converter
By J. Prado

Smarc is a high quality and fast sample rate converter, based on a multi-stage polyphase structure method.

Smarc is available as a C library which allows high-speed resampling with low memory occupation and can process signals (or files) of arbitrary length. This library is easy to integrate in your application. A sample program shows how to use this library to convert audio wav files.

Web site and downloads: smarc project’s home

Matlab code smarc

Contact: jacques.prado (at)


Conversion de fréquence, J.Prado, rapport de recherche 2009D020, Télécom Paristech, pdf


SMARC - Matlab : N° : IDDN.FR.001.080018.000.S.P.2010.000.20000
SMARC - C : N° : IDDN.FR.001.080017.000.S.P.2010.000.20000